Lavender Calms Your Pet’s Storm!

Many pets have episodes of anxiety which can cause scratching, biting, and even incontinence. The stimulus can be a car ride to the vet, workers on your street, or even a thunderstorm. Continued anxiety in a pet is unhealthy and can cause many latent medical conditions. Veterinarians have medications that can calm your pet, but most have lasting side effects, especially with continued use.

Lavender essential oil is a natural calming oil, which studies show can lessen anxiety when it is applied in proper dilutions and pure. It can be applied by petting with a few drops in the palm of your hand. The lavender, which is a natural extract from the lavender plant, will penetrate the hair and skin quickly and be completely excreted within a few hours. Unlike pharmaceuticals, lavender leaves no residual to cause side effects or remain in cells long term.

Young Living oils are safe for your pet because they are guaranteed to have no additives and are extracted using only natural steam and cold press methods which ensure that no residual chemicals will contaminate the pure oil. The YL Seed to Seal Guarantee means that all aspects, from the seeds to the bottle are owned and controlled by Young Living.

Mrs. Nanny Paws supports the use of Young Living essential oils for your pet, and, through Marilyn Sinex, provides assistance and education on using them as a natural resource for your pet. If you would like to learn how the oils can create health and wellness for your pet. Contact Marilyn at or call her at (610) 703-3579.